Author: Mortimer Rider

The Music of Beethoven

The slow initial movement establishes this extreme sense of pathos. The grim persistence of this bass guitar three notes repeated over and over, gives a feeling of […]

Making Music out of Ice

Music tools made from ice balls and recorded his tunes in the island of Nunavut Baffin, the largest and land of Canada. In addition to that, the […]

The History of Jazz Music

From the flip from the century roughly 1920, a lot of artists left their mark by playing at the discreet underground clubs known as”Speakeasies” that are high […]

Music Printing – How it Began

Printing music sheets on an 11×17 printer @ is easy and fun. But, have you ever pondered on how music sheets materialized? The arrival of printing […]

Integrating Music into Movies

Among the primary contributing factors into a film’s success is its own soundtrack. Music is a vital component in many plays, dramas and Layanon9. Shakespeare made effective […]

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