Choosing Your First Drum Set To Start Your Awesome Band Experience

Choosing Your First Drum Set To Start Your Awesome Band Experience

Learning how to play drums is an exhilarating experience. Unlike other musical instruments, playing a drum set gives you the adrenaline rush that makes you enjoy every moment that you are hitting the drums. You also get a chance of joining a band with your rad drum skills. Although, if you are still a beginner in playing drums, you will need to focus on choosing your first drum set.

There is a lot of planning and decision-making before coming up with your first drum set. If you have already seen a drum set, you will know that setting it up is quite complicated. Unlike a piano or a guitar which you can buy as a whole, a drum set is comprised of different elements, some of those you need and some that you still don’t have to buy at the moment as an amateur drummer.

The Important Parts of A Drum Set

As you enter a shop to buy your first drum set, there are many things that you should think about. As a beginner, do you think you should need to buy a used drum kit or a brand new one? What kind of cymbals do you want? Do you want sheet cymbals or cast bronze cymbals? Or do you even need to get cymbals for your first drum set?

Going over these several questions in buying your first drum set can be intimidating, just like when you are having problem in choosing the best auto shipping service. you only have to focus on what you need at this time, and that would be the basic components of a drum set.

The drum components that you need to put in your shopping list are the snare  drum, the bass drum, mounted toms, and a floor tom. You can already do freestyle drumming exhibition having all these components. Although, if you want to get a more contemporary vibe, you can also include cymbals and hardware.

If you want to play drums for jamming sessions in a band, then the snare drum, bass drum, a single mounted tom, and a floor tom would already suffice. 

Check The Drum Head If It Goes With Your Style

If you want to create an impressive sound as you hit the drums, then you should look for the quality of the drum head. A good drum head will contribute to the tonal quality of your beats. Although, that will still depend on what kid of sound you want to create. If you want less resonance and more fundamental pitch, then you with a thicker head so that the sound you will produce is darker and more focused.

Now that you have an idea in buying your first drum kit, you can now think about methods and techniques in practicing your drumming skills.

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