How Music and Photography Similar

How Music and Photography Similar

Being a musician in addition to a photographer has given me jobless insight to how the two areas inter-relate and the way the knowledge and skills developed in 1 field could be immediately transferred and placed on another. As a music teacher, you would become frustrated with some of the repertoire available for young piano players; therefore it is ideal to compose some songs of your own that could be both fun and educational to play with.

Simplicity of Style

When composing music for younger kids among the greatest challenges is to attain simplicity of style and admit pupils’ constraints — their hands size, reading skill, co-ordination and concentration abilities, and also their musical maturity. So everything that’s unnecessary, overly hard or too complex for a pupil to comprehend or master has to be eliminated or completely averted.

In photography, you appreciate the singularity of intent — the capability to earn a single and effective statement with a picture according to a Canadian photographer established in Montreal.  Similarly, in music, refining a musical motif to its core elements was a struggle, but the payoff was great once the emotion inherent in the tune has been conveyed clearly and simply.

Creating Order and Recognizing

Factors of how to provide order to the contours, patterns and colors in a picture correlate with the structural layout of a part of music. Balance and proportion are especially important within my photos as frequently depended on really little to make the shooter — what should be at the ideal place’ and work harmoniously with each other to provide the viewer a whole and pleasing visual experience. An unbalanced term will seem lop-sided; similarly, a melody that lacks a sense of purpose and direction will render the listener frustrated.

Improving Form and Structure

The usage of ‘distance’ in a picture along with the interaction of energetic points of interest set against restful areas can also be very important in the building of my abstract graphics and in controlling the way you would like the viewer to approach and interpret the shooter.

Harmonious Union of Components

In the end, whether we are composers of audio, or composers of pictures, we are attempting to bring together every aspect of our essay into a harmonious marriage of components, where the amount of our effort is much more than its composite components. In doing this, we can participate and speak with our audience in great thickness.

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