Learning the Bass Guitar for Children

Learning the Bass Guitar for Children

Many kids gravitate towards learning Bass Guitar possibly after starting out on electric or identifying with Bass players within their favorite bands. Oftentimes, after enjoying solo guitar for a couple of years your child may desire to switch to bass in order to be part of a local or school group. There are often more guitar players than needed so learning Bass guitar can be a big plus as Bass players are more sought after.

Bass Guitar Sizes and Scales

Listed below are three recommendations for a primary Bass Guitar sized for children. All three choices are fairly inexpensive and have shorter necks under 30″. For comparison, a typical sized scale for a bass is 34″.

There’s something very appealing about getting started on a Fender and the Bronco has the exact same cool styling as it’s larger brothers in the Fender Line. The pickup couldn’t be simpler, one centre pick up with tone and volume adjustments. No frills here, only a standard solid instrument at a great price. The brief 30″ scale and light weight is an excellent fit for children over 8 years old.

This is a great choice for youngsters transitioning from guitar to bass. The 28.6″ neck is not too different from a guitar and enables guitar licks and scales to move much simpler. It’s a fantastic fit for smaller hands and are a superb selection for smaller children and women. Given the small dimensions, the Ibanez has fantastic low end and sounds great straight from the box.

Starting with the traditionalform in a awesome cherry red, the Epiphone is difficult to beat. It’s the priciest of our three selections. Like our previous options, it has a brief scale narrow neck that makes it a fantastic option as a for youngsters. 1 great thing about the SG cutaway shape it allows easy access to the frets for playing high notes. The sound is booming for a bass in this price range and the construction is very solid.

In summary, these three bass guitars were chosen to be a good match for younger players and arrive in a cheaper price. Kids who want to get into playing Bass will not go wrong with one of these choices, joyful rockin.

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