Melbourne: Out and About their Music

Melbourne: Out and About their Music

To keep up with being Austalia’s capital, not only does Melbourne need to get involved in good food and architecture, but also with Music. From Bars, Music festivals and Venue, Melbourne can still bring their A-game to keep their visitors alive and around.

What  Melbourne Has to Offer

Meredith Music Festival. Held in Natural setting located on farmland near the Meredith town, this Music festival will surely blow your minds on a 3-day crazy blast of Music.

Strawberry Fields. A unique selection of mixed Techno and House music in this Melbourne spot. Enjoy a ground shaking sound allnighter with great stylish vibes.

Falls Festival. If you are into Indie, Electro, Hip Hop, and Rap, this one is for you. This New Year’s Eve party will give you the best experience ever, and what’s better is you get to enjoy it on a coastal part of town that will provide you with a chill, and breezy evening

Melbourne Music Week. This music week is more on promoting the local music of the City which is personally presented by Melbourne itself. Give yourself a good 9-day vacation with nothing but Tropical and Australian vibes.

Melbourne Techno Collective. Indulge in an underground Techno party with everyone in the City. Get along with locals and tourists as you give yourself a good night of fine upbeat music.

Asian Pop Music MeetUp. You can still get yourself an international club event when you’re in Melbourne through this one. Get along with Kpop, Jpop, and all other Asian music in here, or you never know- you might discover some type of music you thought you would never like.

Electric Gardens. This one is more of an Australian thing, with this boutique event bringing the best of the best with House and Techno Music, Jive and rave on this weekend party that can get your spirit’s volume up.

One of Melbourne’s Music Fest


Melbourne surely does have a lot more instore for everyone when it comes to music and parties. The next time you visit the place make sure to do it on one of these events to get you pumped and hyped up like no other.

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