Music Celebrities and Their Brush with The Law

Music Celebrities and Their Brush with The Law

Who does not want to understand about the lives of celebrities, more so their issues? Even although you may not be as too curious to know about all the crazy things happening to actors and music artists’ lives on a daily basis, it’s intriguing to know how they handle more serious issues like going to prison. How are they different from regular citizens like us? Do they have less difficulty having to pay their way out of prison, especially with the public eye watching every move? Here are some of the celebrities who have experienced trouble with the law.

Max B. – Rapper

Max B. obtained a whopping $2 million bond price after being accused of conspiring to the murder of two people in New York. Murder bails usually are $1 million per piece. He’s currently serving 75 years, but it has been published that he was able to pay bail and was free for about three years during his trial.

Justin Beiber – Singer

Bieber was detained in January of 2014 for drag racing underneath the influence of booze. The singer’s bail was put at just $2,500, merely a drop in the bucket because of he’s a famous individual.

Lindsey Lohan – Actress/Singer

Lindsey has been in and out of jail on numerous occasions because of substance abuse. This came to the public spotlight in back in 2007. Arrests have been from DUIs, reckless driving, theft, falsifying personal info, and fighting in a nightclub. Her bail has been put to $300,000, reducing $75,000 with the assistance of the bond bondsman. If you’re curious about bail bondsmen services, a simple search online for bail bondsman Tacoma WA will provide you with tons of information.

Phil Spector – Record Producer

Phil Spector was detained in 2003 for the murder of Lana Clarkson, a popular actress. Spector was found at the actress’ home when the authorities arrived and when asked to show his hands, a struggle ensued. He was charged with death penalty and his bond was set to $1 million. After paying pail, he was a free person for 9 years until he was charged with second degree murder and illegally discharging a firearm. He is to serve 19 years to life in prison.

Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight, Jr. – Record Producer

Suge Knight was detained and charged with murder, which was said to be his own pal. He hit him with his truck and fled the scene. He claims it was an accident, however, the incident happened after a struggle between Suge and two others. Witnesses claimed it was done deliberately. Knight was given a $2 million bond.

These famous celebrities may have gotten out of prison more easily than regular Joes, but they still needed to pay a hefty sum for bail and ultimately suffer the consequences of their wrongdoings.

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